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Forbes Predicts That By 2030, AI Will Take Over 83% Of The Global Workforce.

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The Five-Layer Prompt Strategy? Mind-Blowing! I Feel Like I've Upgraded My Prompt Engineering Skills By A Gazillion Percent.

The Five-Layer Prompt Strategy? Mind-Blowing! I Feel Like I've Upgraded My Prompt Engineering Skills By A Gazillion Percent. Seriously, it's like having a superpower for handling AI effortlessly in my daily tasks. The advance usage of prompt is eye opener. Totally recommending this to my pals who want to dive into AI without drowning in complexity.

- Desmond A.

I Have Learned So Much From XP Starting From 1X To 10X Or Even More!

This is a mind blowing AI Masterclass that I have learned so much from XP starting from 1X to 10X or even more! I am grateful to XP for bringing me to this level. The classes were easy to follow thru with clarity and demonstrations. It is even more amazing when I see the result at the end of the Masterclass what I can do and achieved what XP has promised to deliver to us.

- Jenn L.

Superb Good And Extremely Practical Useful Knowledge

For Me!!!

The AI Masterclass is superiorly good. I am very grateful to have XP as our coach, who is the expert in this AI field, and impart a lot of knowledge to the class. I have learnt a lot of not just basic usage of ChatGPT, but how to use it to do complex topics. Superb Good and Extremely Practical useful knowledge for me!!! Thank you XP and team!!!

- Peter P.

The 5 Later Prompt Strategy Introduced During The Training Has Already Made A Significant Impact On My Approach To Prompt Engineering.

The 5 Later Prompt Strategy Introduced During The Training Has Already Made A Significant Impact On My Approach To Prompt Engineering. The nuanced understanding gained from this strategy has elevated my AI usage to new heights, offering a fresh perspective on daily tasks.

I am able to:

1. Save time, money and energy

2. Can Do more important task

3. Leverage AI tool to give us more freedom and time to spend with friends and family

I wholeheartedly recommend this training to colleagues seeking to enhance their AI proficiency.

- PQ, Tan

Health Blogger, Accountability Coach

I Can Already See A Remarkable Improvement In How I Leverage AI In My Daily Tasks, Thanks To The Insights Gained During The Training.

I recently attended a two-day AI Masterclass training session on AI usage conducted by XP. I found the training incredibly insightful and beneficial to me.

I can already see a remarkable improvement in how I leverage AI in my daily tasks, thanks to the insights gained during the training. The three diamonds shared by XP were not just pieces of information but invaluable insights that have inspired a shift in my mindset towards AI.

I highly recommend this training to my colleagues and friends who are looking to kickstart their AI journey. Thank you, XP, for an enriching experience. I look forward to implementing what I've learned.

- Janet L.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Soon Will I Start Seeing Results?

"Dive into our curriculum and begin applying AI concepts in real-time. Witness your transformation unfold throughout our year-long program."

What Sets This AI Program Apart from Others?

"Our unique Prompt Layering Library accelerates your learning, providing unparalleled resources for innovation, exclusively available to our students."

Is This Program Suitable for Someone Without a Tech Background?

"Yes, it's tailored for both seasoned professionals and beginners. Our no-code approach makes AI accessible to everyone eager to learn and grow."

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